Strengths to meet day-to-day challenges : biological, technological, logistical, economic


Health safety : resources for prevention and continious monitoring


Groupe Grimaud has an internal biological control laboratory accredited to COFRAC standards which carries out more than 60,000 analyses per year, as well as ultra-modern laboratories implementing GMP standards, allowing the development of both human and veterinary vaccines.


Product traceability : a guarantee of quality and transparency


Groupe Grimaud, whose first subsidiary was certified ISO 9001 in 1995, uses the best resources to ensure the quality of its products and services, from research and development to technical support, allowing each client to use our products to their full potential.


Logistical efficiency : deliveries made under all circumstances, whatever the destination


Delivering live products everyday, throughout the world, is an ongoing challenge for our teams.

Today, our worldwide organisation assures supply to our clients, whatever the health, administrative or regulatory circumstances are.

Finally, our clients' satisfaction depends on the arrival of our products: 24 hours per day and 365 days per year!