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Innovative solutions for human and animal health


For 15 years, Groupe Grimaud has been committed to the field of health.

Groupe Grimaud's first biopharmaceutical investment, listed on NYSE Euronext (VLS) Valneva uses its ultra-modern R&D and GMP facilities to develop unique solutions to fight against infectious illnesses based on its EB66® cell line from duck embryo stem cells. Today, the world's largest pharmaceutical manufacturers have acquired licenses to develop vaccines based on this line.

The VIVA|Screen® technology allows to develop our own range of antibodies.

In Livingstone facilitis (In Scotland), Valneva also produces the vaccine Ixiaro against Japanese encephalitis.

Filavie, the other biopharmaceutical subsidiary of Groupe Grimaud offers its range of autogenous vaccines against bacterial pathogens to the animal-production sector as well as specific vaccines for viral illness.

It is also developing an innovative concept of natural microbial flora of built and stable composition, based on Lactobacillus and Bacillus distributed in drinking water, which improves both the technical performance and the environmental conditions of animal livestock.

Lastly, Hypharm produces rabbit serum and milk from SPF rabbit colonies for the extraction of proteins involved in the manufacture of medecines for human use.


Animal Genetic Selection

Producing better, consuming less

Sélection génétique animale

Today, with their centres of animal genetic selection in France, the USA, and China as well as subsidiaries - in the UK, France,Germany, Italy, Poland, China, Vietnam, Canada, the USA, Mexico and Brazil - the companies Grimaud Frères Sélection, Hubbard, Novogen, Choice Genetics, Hypharm and Blue Genetics offer the widest range of breeding stock to the poultry, pig, rabbit and aquaculture industries throughout the world, meeting both their quality and productivity targets.

Resulting from conventional genetic selection programmes, supported by genomic technology, our breeding stock has the best genetic potential to fit the specific requirements of each market.