A farmer's background

1966 The Grimaud brothers start a duck breeding program

1970 Beginning of the duck genetic selection with INRA

1984 Launch of the rabbit breeding activity

1989 Launch of the pigeon breeding

90-ies Beginning of the internationalization and duck consolidations

1997 Acquisition of coloured chicken and layer gene pool

2000 Creation of Vivalis (biotechnologies)

2004 Creation of Filavie (bacterial animal vaccines)

2005 Acquisition of Hubbard

2008 Establishement of Novogen

2008 Acquisition of Newsham & Monsanto swine genetics in the USA

2011 Alliance with Pen Ar Lan (swine genetics in France, Brazil & Poland)

2013 Creation of Blue Genetics (aqua-species division)
          Birth of Valneva & Choice Genetics
          Acquisition of Galor

2014 Alliance with Verbeek

2017 Acquisition of Eurolap by Hypharm

2018 Handover of Hubbard

2018 Creation of Vital Meat