• Headquarter in Roussay (Western France), close to city of Nantes
  • 8 subsidiaries in France
  • R&D facilities in Europe, in the USA, China, Japan and Brazil
  • Subsidiaries for local breeder production in UK, Italy, Poland, Vietnam, Japan, USA, China and Brazil
  • A network of subcontractors around the world :

* America's: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela

* Asia: Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand

* EMEA: Algeria, Egypt, Italy, Jordan, Libya, Mauritius, Nigeria, Pakistan, Russia, South Africa, Syria

  • Sales offices in Central Europe, Spain, Netherlands and China.

Global footprint: Europe


R&D centers

14 in France:

  • 1 for Novogen in layers
  • 4 for Grimaud Frères:
    • 2 in ducks
    • 1 in geese
    • 1 in pigeon
  • 2 for Galor in guinea fowl
  • 2 for Choice Genetics in pigs
  • 2 for Hypharm in Rabbits
  • 3 for biopharmaceuticals

Global footprint: Americas


R&D centers

  • 1 in the US: Choice Genetics for pigs
  • Baja California - Mexico: shrimps
  • 1 in Brazil: Choice Genetics

Global footprint: Asia


R&D centers

  • 1 in China for Choice Genetics